Each culture has its own set of needs.  In the U.S. we often have what is referred to as the invisible poor — people who are working at jobs that do not pay enough to support everyday life.  They are often tucked away in the most unseen parts of our cities and towns. But they are not forgotten.

We believe that every child deserves to have a restful place of sleep no matter the economic climate they come from.

Calling all volunteers!!!  We have resources to share with you if you’d like to join the brigade in your own city or town.  We can show you how to make a bed that is easily constructed and transported, and we can tell you where to get some of the lowest costs on the materials.  Contact us to find out how!

This is a great project for groups who have a diverse age range.  Our own experience has shown us that it’s hard to find a project where young children and teens can feel valued in their service.  But this project is simple to see instant results, and it’s impact is real.  The young children get a thrill out of making knot blankets and the teens feel empowered when they construct and paint beds.  The adults  work with the vendors and the agencies to oversee the distribution of the beds, but mainly they will see dignity restored to our youth — on both the giving and the receiving sides!